Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FinAL nOtE

Honestly, I don't know where or how to start this entry..it has been too long my friend..please don't be upset with me.I've abandoned you and I'm sorry! I will make it simple. I will no longer continue this blog. It has been a wonderful relationship my dear friend..thank you for being my ears and shoulder to cry on. I'm glad I can share some of my life stories with the readers. You must be wondering, "why all of a sudden?"..I don't have any good reason why I'm ending this..I just feel that it is the right thing to do..am I being a drama-queen? :p I have said some (ok la..a lot!!) of bad stuffs about other people, and let people to read it. Automatically, I'm being rewarded with "bonus points" (if you get what I mean..)..so, I shall put a stop to it. Let me just curse them in my head then..haha..plus, I don't really know what I should write about anymore. Ok, I lie..there are plenty of things I can write, but I don't think it will be interesting enough though..haha.."if you have nothing good to say, you might as well shut the **** up"..yes, that is what I'm going to do. I'm not a good writer but still I'm most grateful for my writing skill (if it can be considered as skill..hehe)..I never imagined that I could put my emotion into words. I'm glad I started this blog and I'm happy when someone read my entries. Thank you my dear readers :) I will continue to tell my stories someplace else because writing is one of my passion. You may not get to read any of my stories but do know that my story telling will not stop here :) I'm sorry for not being able to share them with you..it's getting boring anyway..hahaha..you're not missing anything, trust me on that! Only one thing left to say..and that is, goodbye.

Friday, April 13, 2012


I was planning to update my blog today..but since it is already 6pm, i will try to update it next week, insyaAllah~~

Friday, January 13, 2012 - day 13th


Alhamdulillah, finally I get to write my first entry today :)

First thing first, my 2012 resolutions:-

Resolution #1: to eat fast food once a month (yes, once!)
Resolution #2: to......
Resolution #3: to......
Resolution #4: to......
Resolution #5: to...... and the list goes on and on...

I can only share one with you people cause I'm afraid if I disclose all of my resolutions, it might not come true (well, obviously trying to committ to #1 is not going to be easy either..haha)..well, at least I have something to share

As always, I will conclude my one year event here..it's kind off a tradition, well my tradition..hehe..but I'm not going to tell you in details..instead of chronology, I will only summarize the important notes,ok!

Point #1: don't drive too fast on wet road / rainy days(I know this all along though..hahaha).
Point #2: friends who only being nice to you because they needed something / favor still exists.
Point #3: just because you know someone and befriend them doesn't mean you know them well and doesn't mean they won't changed.
Point #4: good people do get rewarded :)
Point #5: i learned simple Korean sentences..yeay!!

There you have it, five points to describe what my life was like last year. You may think I'm being dramatic or pity me for what have happened. Please do..haha..cause I did pity myself too..huhu~~Hey, lesson learnt and my life goes on :)

What to expect this year? (thinking really deep right now..think think think)..but how come I only have one thing in mind..should I spell it out? Nah, there so much more to life..feel free to let your mind think what it is people ^^

Honestly, I do have few expectations / hopes for this year. Not a big one, enough for me to handle on my own or perhaps enough to make me feel happy..gosh, it's only 13 days of 2012, what awaits me tomorrow? next week? next month? argh..scary!!

So, to end my first story for this year, I hope I can stick to my resolutions and try not to get my expectations / hopes too high. I am going to live my life as I always have and I will improve myself. Not for anyone, but for me. I am going to live a happy life, insyaAllah..hope you guys too (amin) :)