Friday, August 6, 2010

I aM..

I am thrilled to do this one..I am excited coz finally.. I've got it!

Recently, I watched a movie and I think it was the closest thing to my heart after "U've Got Mail". It was a brilliant movie..light, funny but most importantly, it helps to get my feet on the ground.

It was released I think, a year or two years back. Sebenarnya, mesej filem itu, kita semua sedia maklum..ladies la..tapi kita (mungkin tak semua) choose to be ignorant..I know I do..hahaha..It is all about the sign. We feed ourselves with all the positive notes when it comes to the sign..we wanted to believe things that are not there. In the end..we get nothing from it!

Filem itu mengajar aku tentang satu fakta yang sangat obvious. Percayalah kalau aku cakap, bermula dari hari aku nonton filem itu dan mungkin juga selamanya, aku akan hanya percaya pada fakta itu sahaja. Kenapalah selama ini, aku tak nampak semua itu?? Mungkin aku tahu, tapi buat-buat tak tahu kot,kan?

Hidup aku semakin clear sekarang....hanya dengan sebaris ayat!

So, are you the rule or the exception?

p/s: do u know which movie I am talking about? hehe... :)