Thursday, December 27, 2007

BeAutiFuL SouL

Korang penah tengok citer "snow white" tak? Tipu ar tak penah tengok! Well, at least penah bace la kan! Hehehe..ilek..ade moralnye blog aku ni..

Snow white is not my favorite fairy tale. In fact, i don't think i like any of those fairy tale stories. Personally, i think fairy tale sucks! Because it always has a happy ending and happy ending does not always exists in the real life..bukan la watak snow white yang aku nak discuss ngan korang tapi watak the evil witch a.k.a snow white's stepmother. Mak tiri die kan ade cermin ajaib. She likes to ask, "mirror,mirror on the wall..whose the fairest of them all??".. the mirror will answer, "you are the fairest of them all!". She will keep asking the same question over and over again, even when the mirror gave her the same answer over and over again. So, my question is.. do you think being beautiful is that damn important??

Biase ar kite dengar, biar cantik dalaman dari luaran..tapi berape ramai sangat yang nak gune teori tu? Tengok je la iklan sekarang. Sumenye dok promote nak cerahkan kulit.. tapi produk for putihkan hati nape takde orang buat?? Kalau betul la cantik dalaman tu amat-amat penting?? Kalau la ade, sape la yang nak beli dulu? For sure those yang buuuuuuuuuuuuuuusuk hati..hahahahahahaha..ok, seriously, i used to feel that i'm not beautiful. I used to think that, no matter how good i've been, people won't see it. I would still be judged by the way i make things worst, i was lack of self-confidence, self-assurance..self-esteem! Senang citer, aku rase serba serbi kureng! I hate that..i really hate that! For your information, i had acne problems when i was younger..haha..quite serious..and i thought i have to deal with it forever but Alhamdulillah, sekarang tak la sekronik dulu!

When i had acne all over my face, i wish i was invisible! I believe i'm not the only one who wish to be unseen with a face like that..sengsarenye aku rase. Nasib la kengkawan aku best-best. They never made me feel ugly. They never looked at me differently. Maybe diorang nak tanye, tapi takut aku terase hati..hehe..thanks korang! I was so selfconcious. I couldn't make eye contact..hehe i would try not to make any eye contact with anyone. Aku rase, aku la manusie paling banyak jerawat..hahaha..mase tu aku pun fikir yang cantik luaran tu teramat la penting! Looking back, i was soooooooooooo stupid. Aku tau, aku tak pernah dinilai oleh sesape pun base on my physical appearance. Not by my frens and definitely not by my family. I was the only one who being judgemental. Hahaha..bodoh..memang bodoh!

Now, i understand the true meaning of being beautiful. Tak semestinye cantik rupe, cantik perangai. Cantik is not everything. Biar la aku tak cantik paras tapi perangai & kelaku aku, tak menyakitkan hati & mata orang. Biar la kalau a guy rase the lady across the table lagi cantik dari aku yang dok kat sebelah, who cares! Biar la sume pompuan kat negeri perlis nak cerahkan kulit, che' tetap suka dengan kulit che' yang tak beghapa nak ceghah ni! I'm comfortable with myself. I never felt this good before. Sekarang kalau ade jerawat, aku cool..hehehe..tak kelam kelibut cam kakak aku..coz i know i'll look pretty with or without jerawat! I realized, what ever people may think about me..especially the way i look, does not make any impact on me! If a guy doesn't think i'm pretty, then he must be's the way you honour urself. You don't need anyone to tell how pretty you are. It's within you. If you feel beautiful, the rest of the world will look at you the same!

So, don't feel bad if you have a pimple. Do not feel bad, if her skin fairer than yours. Believe in yourself, be nice to people, smile, be helps to bring your inner beauty. Most importantly, be beautiful by simply being...y.o.u!

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Ainil said...

kadangkala jerawat sesekali singgah kat muka, dikatakan pemanis...ayat utk sedapkan ati...