Monday, January 18, 2010


Second entry for today.

Goo Jun Pyo said, "I feel like there's a timebomb inside my head..and it will explode anytime", of course this has been translated, cause I don't speak Korean! Either way it is being said, in Korean or English, it doesn't change the fact that I do feel like something is about to explode within me!

I guess, this is exactly how you suppose to feel whenever you are trying to keep everything to yourself. The ticking sound won't stop until you let it my case, I refused to let it out even though I have many ways to make the annoiying sound dissapeard. Due to that, I have to bear the consequences myself. I am not proud of saying this out loud. I am not trying to prove myself to everyone..trying to claim that I am strong when the fact is, I am not that strong to begin with. I am not trying to buy people attention by saying, "hey, hear me out..hear me out.." because I know that is not necessary. I can always let people know a.k.a my friends if I want to be heard. I am totally well aware of what I'm putting myself into..always have and always will be!

I will not explain, what on earth I'm babbling about. This is one of many ways for me to distract myself..kind like Edward often told Bella, "please..distract me..". I need the distractions badly. Although I know, the timebomb will explode, someday, matter how distracted I will get..I just hope that, when it did blow up, I won't be falling to pieces..cause if I did, I really don't know when or how I can put myself back together~~

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