Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Live life to the fullest..cause life is short!

I believe we have to have all these, to understand the true meaning behind the word of wisdom.

Iman: Life will be worthless without it! Life is short, you'll never know when you are going to die. Iman will help you focus, it will lead you to the right path. You would be a better person and insyaAllah, your life will so much worth it. Besides you are the khalifah. You have duties to perform..fulfill this and you will have a greater life on the other side, insyaAllah.

Courage: It is not something that we could get is within you. Only you could reach it. You need courage to live you life. Life is tough. Life can be such a mess. People will bring you down in so many different ways that they could think of. You need to be brave..cause there is always a chance, you are alone to fight your own battle. The rest do not bother to back you up, cause they have their own problem, their own mess..their own battle.

Mistakes: Make one or even more..if that is what it takes to learn. You will have regret over all the mistakes that you made..all the bad choices. Life is like on earth are you going to learn and to grow if you refused to make mistakes. It is not advisable and it is not suppose to be a habit..but just accept the fact..mistakes happened. You made a mistake. You made an unforgettable choice. Learn from it..but do not make it an excuse to keep on making the wrong have choices. You can either choose to learn or keep on making mistakes and live on hearing that loud voice in your head, "stupid, stupid, stupid me!!".

Love: Is the key to happiness. You have to search for it. Give some of your love to earn some from others. Love yourself in order for you to love the people around you. Love is not only between a man and a woman. Love is about everything and everyone. Do not shut yourself to receive or give a piece of it to others. You will find yourself close to your family, appreciate your friendship and be faithful to your significant other..I believe these are some tips for all of us to cherish all the people that matters in our lives.

Friends: They are your second family. Choose your friends wisely and carefully. Friends define who you are and what type of person are you. Respect them just the same way you want to be respected. Accept their flaws, appreciate their beauty and be impressed by their creativity. Maintain a good doing so you know, you will never be alone. Be supportive and if there is a need to gentle yet be firm. Let them know, you'll always be around for them. Wish them well and do not be jealous of their success. Be the best friend you can be and hope nothing in return.

You need to look around you and be grateful for everything you have. Life is all about moving forward. It's ok if you do not know where you are heading cause life is like that. ALLAH has the best plan for you..never doubt that. Life is short..its best if we could live it while we still can and be wise on how are we going to spend the rest of it.