Friday, September 24, 2010

y.o.u..LiStEn! (part 01)

We have made a deal, remember?

You promised to respect my decision, remember?

We argued on this over and over again, remember?

You said, it is my decision and you will not intefere, remember?

You said, you will understand. You said, I know what's best. Well, you said a lot of things..blablabla....the most important thing above all, you said, you will not give up on me, remember?

I know that you know me fact, better than everyone else. I know you are always by my side, no matter what. Please believe me when I said, I need you to always be there for me. Do not try to hide, or worst dissapear. You are my companion. You are my voice. You are my friend that I dare not to lose.

Yes, I admit, my faith in you has faded since the last time we talked. You should have not lied to me. But can I blame you? I did force you to speak. I did that because I know you can be trusted. You are the only I had then. Fortunately, I still have you now.

I love you, you know that, right? You are lucky in certain ways. You do not get to see the faces, to read the writings, listening to all the b.s they were saying. It is I who needs to go through all that. However, it is you who need to do all the damage control. For that, I am seeking for your forgiveness.

We are a perfect and I. Therefore, you can just shut up from asking me all sort of questions, that you already know the answers. Just go with flow, ok! Stop trying to talk myself out of it. Stop trying to feel that you are not making any sense at all..cause most of the time you do..well, I think so...

You have to be strong for me. You have to remind me that I have been through worst situation. You must always talk to me..cry for me if you must..because nowadays, I can't seem to cry. It will take some time for you to regain my trust..but I guess it doesn't long as I know, you are still are,right?

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Anonymous said...

very charming words.i like it :)