Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 LiTtLe WoRdS

I miss the smell of your tobacco
I miss the first time we met
I miss being understood by you
I miss listening to your voice
I miss the numerous times you said, "take care.."
I miss replying your letters
I miss catching the glimpse of you
I miss making you a mug of tea
I miss feeling angry at you
I miss to see the resemblance
I miss the way you cared for me
I miss hearing your jokes
I miss pretending I don't care about you
I miss the day when we started to talk
I miss eating your cooking
I miss your common sense
I miss your wrinkle face
I miss the arguments
I miss your kindness
I miss your affections towards us
I miss the feeling that I get from you
I miss our differences
I miss the way you teased me
I miss your old tales
I miss playing the waiting game
I miss giving you the silent treatment
I miss being spoiled by you
I miss the scent of your cologne
I miss to console you
I miss feeling whole because of you
I miss the surprises
I miss your patience
I miss being worried by you
I miss taking care of you
I miss having you next to me
I miss seing you feeling guilty
I miss avoiding you
I miss the way we looked at each other
I miss to see you laughed your heart out
I miss watching you sleep
I miss the conversations
I miss looking at you smiling at me
I miss the ways you lighten up our lives
I miss the day when we walked together
I miss the ways you tried to get my attention
I miss calling you for breakfast, lunch & dinner
I miss feeling happy because of you
I miss our last goodbye
I miss everything..
~I miss you..I miss us~

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